15 Famous Redheads

A list of 15 famous redheads in history including actors, presidents, athletes, and writers.

15 Renowned Redheads

1. Lucille Ball. Screen, TV comedienne.

2. Lizzie Borden. Alleged murderess.

3. General George A. Custer. Military leader.

4. Emily Dickinson. Poet.

5. Harold "Red" Grange. Football hero.

6. Judas Iscariot. Biblical informer.

7. Thomas Jefferson. U.S. President.

8. Rod Laver. Tennis champion.

9. Sinclair Lewis. Author.

10. Walter Reuther. Labor union leader.

11. Margaret Sanger. Feminist, birth control advocate.

12. George Bernard Shaw. Playwright.

13. Svetlana Stalin. Dictator's daughter.

14. Mark Twain. Author.

15. Martin Van Buren. U.S. President.

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