20 Celebrities Who Have Been in Therapy

A list of 20 famous celebrities who have been in therapy or some other form of treatment by a psychologist.

20 Celebrities Who've Been Psychoanalyzed

1. Marlon Brando. Actor.

2. Jim Brosnan. Baseball player.

3. Sid Caesar. Comedian.

4. Patty Duke. Actress.

5. Bud Freeman. Jazz saxophonist.

6. Ben Gazzara. Actor.

7. Graham Greene. Novelist.

8. Margie Hart. Stripteaser.

9. Moss Hart. Playwright.

10. Hermann Hesse. Novelist.

11. Ken Heyman. Photographer.

12. William Inge. Playwright.

13. Josh Logan. Director.

14. Claudia McNeil. Actress.

15. Tony Randall. Actor.

16. The Rev. Harry B. Scholefield. Unitarian minister.

17. Rod Steiger. Actor.

18. Vivian Vance. Actress.

19. Tennessee Williams. Playwright.

20. Natalie Wood, Actress.

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