20 Famous Illegitimate Children

A list of 20 famous illegitimate children including poets, actors, authors, popes, and statesmen whose parents were not married.

20 Illegitimate Children

1. Guillaume Apollinaire. Poet.

2. Sarah Bernhardt. Actress.

3. Giovanni Boccaccio. Author.

4. Cesare Borgia. Catholic cardinal.

5. Aleksandr Borodin. Composer.

6. Pope Clement VII. Spiritual head of the Catholic Church.

7. Leonardo da Vinci. Artist.

8. Josephine de Beauharnais. Napoleon's wife.

9. Frederick Douglass. Abolitionist.

10. Alexandre Dumas, fils. Novelist and playwright.

11. Desiderius Erasmus. Scholar and author.

12. Alexander Hamilton. U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.

13. Jenny Lind. Singer.

14. Marilyn Monroe. Actress.

15. Bernardo O'Higgins. Dictator.

16. Francisco Pizarro. Conqueror of Peru.

17. James Smithson. Chemist and inceptor of Smithsonian Institution.

18. August Strindberg. Playwright.

19. Richard Wagner. Composer.

20. William the Conqueror. First Norman ruler.

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