26th U.S. President: Theodore Roosevelt

About the twenty-sixth President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt, his birth, death, biography, description, facts and quotes.


Born: October 27, 1858, New York, N.Y.

Died: January 6, 1919, at his home Sagamore Hill, Long Island, N.Y.

Career: Harvard graduate, a Phi Beta Kappa, studied law at Columbia, elected to New York legislature at 23, reputation as outspoken reformer, defeated candidate for mayor of New York, professional writer (historical and autobiographical volumes), appointed to National Civil Service Commission, New York police commissioner, Assistant Secretary of the Navy. At outbreak of Spanish-American War, he resigned to organize "Rough Riders" volunteer regiment, hero of Battle of San Juan Hill, elected governor of New York after the war.

Personal Life: At 22, married his college sweetheart. An idyllic marriage for 3 years. Then she died in childbirth, on the same day that Roosevelt's mother died. To lift his spirits TR worked as a cowboy on a ranch in Dakota Territory. Six years later, he married an old friend of his sister's. Their relationship was a jovial friendship rather than a passionate romance. TR adored his 6 children; his greatest joy was leading them in games and camping expeditions.

His Person: An even 5'10", brown hair, heavy moustache, pince-nez with thick lenses. Unusually high-pitched voice. Generally gritted his teeth when smiling.

Elections: In 1900, Boss Platt of New York was anxious to get rid of the State's new reform governor, so he arranged to "kick Roosevelt upstairs" as the Republican nominee for Vice-President. A year later, following McKinley's assassination, conservatives were appalled to find "that damned cowboy" as President. In 1904, President Roosevelt was so popular that he had no trouble winning the election in his own right. Against Democrat Alton Parker, he won 57% of the popular vote, and swept every State outside the South for a 336-140 Electoral College margin.

Term of Office: September 14, 1901-March 4, 1909 (7 years, 172 days). In 1912, 4 years after leaving the White House, Roosevelt made an unsuccessful bid for the Presidency as the candidate of the "radical" Progressive party.

Little-Known Facts: According to White House usher lke Hoover, President Roosevelt used to get up from his desk after a busy day, sneak out the back door and run several times around the Washington Monument to work off excess energy. Roosevelt personally originated such familiar phrases as "lunatic fringe," "muckrakers," and "my hat is in the ring."

Quotes from Roosevelt:

"Stand the gaff, play fair; be a good man to camp out with."

"No President has ever enjoyed himself as much as I."

Quotes about Him:

"When Theodore attends a wedding he wants to be the bride and when he attends a funeral he wants to be the corpse."--A relative

"To President Roosevelt we ascribe that quality that medieval theology ascribed to God--he was pure act."--Henry Adams

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