A List of Famous Gays and Lesbians in History

A list of famous homosexual figures in history, men, women, kings, queens, poets, authors, gays, lesbians, and more.

Famous Gays: Renowned Homosexuals--Past to Present

Based on lists prepared by researchers of the U.S. National Gay Task Force, supplemented by the Almanac's own researchers. Included among these names are celebrated persons who were both homosexual and heterosexual--in short, bisexual.


Sappho, Greek poet (600 B.C.)

Queen Christina, Swedish ruler (1626-1689)

Madame de Stael, French author (1766-1817)

Emily Dickinson, American poet (1830-1886)

Willa Cather, American author (1873-1947)

Gertrude Stein, American author (1874-1946)

Virginia Woolf, British author (1882-1941)

Vita Sackville-West, British author (1892-1962)


Zeno, Greek philosopher (500 B.C.)

Sophocles, Greek playwright (496?-406 B.C.)

Socrates, Greek philosopher (470?-399 B.C.)

Aristotle, Greek philosopher (384-322 B.C.)

Alexander the Great, Macedonian ruler (356-323 B.C.)

Emperor Hadrian, Roman ruler (76-138 A.D.)

Richard the Lion-Hearted, British ruler (1157-1199)

Richard II, British ruler (1367-1400)

Leonardo da Vinci, painter-scientist (1452-1519)

Benvenuto Cellini, Italian goldsmith (1500-1571)

Christopher Marlowe, British playwright (1564-1593)

King James I, British ruler (1566-1625)

John Milton, British poet (1608-1674)

Jean Baptiste Lully, French composer (1632-1687)

Frederick the Great, Prussian ruler (1712-1786)

King Gustav III, Swedish ruler (1746-1792)

Baron Alexander von Humboldt, German naturalist (1769-1859)

Lord Byron, British poet (1788-1824)

Hans Christian Andersen, Danish author (1805-1875)

Walt Whitman, American poet (1819-1892)

Samuel Butler, British author (1835-1902)

Algernon Swinburne, British poet (1837-1909)

Petr Ilich Tchaikovsky, Russian composer (1840-1893)

Paul Verlaine, French poet (1844-1896)

Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright (1854-1900)

Frederick Rolfe (Baron Corvo), British author (1860-1913)

Andre Gide, French author (1869-1951)

Marcel Proust, French author (1871-1922)

E. M. Forster, British author (1879-1970)

John Maynard Keynes, British economist (1883-1946)

Sir Harold Nicholson, British author-diplomat (1886-1968)

Capt. Ernst Roehm, German Nazi leader (1887-1934)

T. E. Lawrence, British soldier-author (1888-1935)

Jean Cocteau, French author (1889-1963)

Christopher Isherwood, British author (1904- )

Dag Hammarskjold, Swedish secretary-general U.N. (1905-1961)

W. H. Auden, British-American poet (1907- )

Jean Genet, French playwright (1909- )

Tennessee Williams, American playwright (1911- )

Brendan Behan, Irish author (1923-1964)

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