A List of Other Famous Alcoholic Artists, Athletes, and Politicians

A list of famous alcoholic artists, athletes, and politicians.

Upton Sinclair, in his book The Cup of Fury, mentioned other well-known persons he regarded as alcoholics or problem drinkers. In each case, according to Sinclair, the individual's drinking was sufficiently serious to affect his work, talent, or career adversely.

King Edward VIII of England, later Duke of Windsor

Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., actor

George Sterling, poet

Stephen Crane, novelist

Finley Peter Dunne, magazine publisher, writer

Eugene V. Debs, presidential candidate

Isadora Duncan, dancer

Edna St. Vincent Millay, poet

Maxwell Bodenheim, poet, novelist

Sherwood Anderson, writer

Theodore Dreiser, novelist

Klaus Mann, writer

Donald McLean, diplomat (defected to U.S.S.R. in 1951)

Ambrose Bierce, writer

Joaquin Miller, poet


Rube Waddell, baseball pitcher

Bugs Raymond, baseball pitcher

Harry Greb, prizefighter

Mickey Walker, prizefighter

Jimmy Slattery, prizefighter

George Gipp, football player

Willie Ritola, long-distance track star

George Travers, golfer

Jim Thorpe, football and baseball player, track star

Grover Cleveland Alexander, baseball pitcher

John L. Sullivan, prizefighter

Fred Herreshoff, golfer

Rollie Hemsley, baseball catcher

Walter Hagen, golfer

Tony Galento, prizefighter

Tommy Armour, golfer

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