Alternative Medicine and Psychic Phenomenon Auras Part 1

About the psychic phenomenon known as auras or colored bands of light surroundings people sometimes used for health reasons.

How's Your Aura Today?

The aura is a band of colored light said to surround the human body, and about which numerous claims are made. Many psychics say they can see it clairvoyantly, and that from a person's aura they can get impressions about that individual's personality, talents, ailments, future tendencies, past activities, and even, so they say, his past lives. One of the highest compliments such a psychic can give is to tell a person that he or she has a beautiful aura. On the other hand, many people have been embarrassed to hear that their auras are covered with red sparks or spots, which reveal anger or irritation to a psychic no matter how perfectly one may be controlling one's external reactions.

Attempts have been made to interpret the aura on the basis of its color, and though no system is universally accepted, there is considerable correspondence between different codes. Sky blue has always been considered the color of serenity, and green that of balance. Yellow indicates intellectual activity, and violet shows spiritual advancement. Clear colors are generally "good," while muddy colors indicate undesirable states of mind or spirit. Thus, a clear red indicates vigor and good physical health, but a dark or murky red may show anger, lust, or other uncontrolled "earthy" emotions. Some occultists feel there are several auras, relating to various aspects of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, all superimposed upon each other but extending from the body for different distances.

For centuries all this has been a matter provoking amused contempt from skeptics who have denied the existence of anything resembling an aura, let alone the possibility that it might give information not readily available in other ways. However, recently developed photographic techniques confirm that human beings (and indeed every living thing, both animal and vegetable) is surrounded by a glowing, pulsing aura whose shape and colors can be a guide to physical, mental, and emotional states. It has even been shown that the aura may indicate the onset of illness before the sufferer becomes aware of any symptoms, and in this way it can "foretell the future."

The aura is captured on film by placing the subject in an electrical field while he is photographed. This is usually known as Kirlian photography because the complex technique was developed by Russian researchers Semyon and Valentina Kirlian. Several similar methods of photographing the aura have also been developed by Western scientists, and some startling discoveries have been made.

For example, Dr. Thelma Moss of UCLA photographed the fingertips of one volunteer at intervals while he resolutely got drunk. The early pictures show the blue and white aura which is considered normal, but as his alcohol level rose, his aura became steadily pinker, brighter, and larger until he was, to quote Dr. Moss, "all lit up." A similar effect is frequently obtained when drugs are being used. Emotional factors such as a broken engagement may bring about a smaller aura, as will faintness or fatigue. Other physical ills often show as unevenness in aura shape, or as splotches of a different of darker color.

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