Alternative Medicine and Psychic Phenomenon Auras Part 2

About the psychic phenomenon known as auras or colored bands of light surroundings people sometimes used for health reasons.

How's Your Aura Today?

More recent research in Kirlian photography indicates that variations of color and corona size may be due to ultraviolet sparks from the equipment onto the back or front (or both) of the film. If this should prove to be the case the condition of the individual photographed would be quite irrelevant to Kirlian photography, and the phenomena would therefore have no connection with any form of aura.

Long before the Kirlians (who made their discovery more or less by accident), scientists had worked to demonstrate the existence of the human aura. Nineteenth-century physicist Karl von Reichenbach claimed to have discovered a force field which he called "odyle," but it was visible only to clairvoyants, and science discredited him. During this century Wilhelm Reich suffered the same fate after naming a similar force "orgone." Both men asserted that the force also emanated from inanimate objects, and this is confirmed by Kirlian photographs showing a steady, nonpulsing corona around nonliving objects such as coins and rings.

Researchers trying to use Kirlian photography for medical diagnosis look over their shoulders for the ghost of British physician Walter Kilner. Early in this century Kilner claimed that anyone could see the aura, and use it in diagnosis, with the aid of a dicyanin-dyed screen placed between viewer and patient. He felt that certain variations in the aura indicated specific conditions, including epilepsy, malignancy, and pregnancy. His work, later confirmed by biologist Oscar Bagnall, seemed to herald a medical breakthrough, but was not widely popularized. In actual fact not everyone can see auras through a dicyanin-dyed screen, and modern experimenters suspect that both Kilner and Bagnall may themselves have been a little clairvoyant.

Another doctor, Shafica Karagulla, works with clairvoyants who can diagnose illness by seeing auras. She has taken them into hospital waiting rooms to make notes on randomly selected patients, and when compared with medical diagnoses the psychic readings have been startlingly accurate.

Professor Harold Burr of the Yale University School of Medicine studied an auralike electro-dynamic field which surrounds every living thing and which he called the Life or L-field. During his 40 years of research Burr made some mind-blowing discoveries. The L-field of an unfertilized salamander egg, for instance, indicates where the animal's head and nervous system will be located after fertilization and development. Burr even suggested that the L-field dictates where they will be, that it is a kind of blueprint of the developing life, and that all living things have such a blueprint, which actually guides their growth. His inference was that this form of aura not only mirrors what the individual is, but also guides what it becomes!

So far there is no agreement as to whether these discoveries concern one and the same aura, or several completely different phenomena. Psychics claim that just about every color can be seen in the aura, and believe that white occurs only rarely, in very spiritual individuals. However, Kirlian photography shows mainly blue and white auras for nearly everyone. Many clairvoyants say the aura they see is a spiritual, nonphysical thing, whereas the Kirlian aura is believed to involve emissions of cold electrons or gases from the body, and so has a physical source. Burr's L-field can be measured by a voltmeter so it, too, is physical, but it is not yet clear whether this is what is photographed by the Kirlian technique. Future research may be able to bring together the varied findings of Reichenbach, Reich, Burr, the Kirlians, Thelma Moss, and others so that we may find out more about the fascinating but elusive human aura.

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