Alternative Medicine Bach Flower Remedy for Personality Problems Part 1

About the form of alternative medicine known as Bach Flower remedy, history and information of the science that uses flowers to treat personality problems.

The Bach Flower Remedies

Honeysuckle as a cure for obsession with the past? Mustard flowers for despair? Dr. Edward Bach, between 1930 and 1936, developed a healing science whereby he treated the human personality and various states of mind with the tinctures of wild flowers.

Born in England in 1886, Dr. Bach studied in London, and eventually became a prominent bacteriologist, making important discoveries in the field. After establishing a considerable practice, he became interested in homeopathy, the method of healing by which likes are treated by likes. After much devoted work and further discoveries, he began to feel that it was time to explore something he had always felt strongly--that there must be a simple, easy, and gentle type of medicine which anyone could use for self-cures, rather than depending on an elite group of physicians. He sought a medicine which would be less complicated and more effective than that provided by the common forms of medical practice.

Dr. Bach was of the mind that people were prone to a number of basic types of moods, temperaments, fears, and anxieties--12, to be exact, with a number of variations on each one. It seemed to Dr. Bach that virtually all disease was the result of a poor and distressed state of mind, and that if the state of mind were altered, and the individual took a more positive view toward himself and the world, his illness would vanish with his changed outlook. Dr. Bach's strongly developed intuitive powers and his love of nature drew him to the countryside, where his sensitivity led him to discover the remedies he sought in the wild flowers of the woods and fields. Over the years, he found 38 remedies. Among these were--

AGRIMONY for mental torture and worry concealed by a cheerful disposition.

ASPEN for vague fears and anxieties.

CERATO for self-doubt.

CHICORY for excessive self-pity.

CLEMATIS for indifference.

GENTIAN for depression and discouragement.

GORSE for hopelessness and despair.

HOLLY for hatred, envy, and jealousy.

HORNBEAM for weariness and exhaustion.

IMPATIENS for impatience and irritability.

MUSTARD for gloom and melancholia.

OLIVE for mental fatigue.

PINE for self-reproach and guilt.

ROCK ROSE for terror, panic, and extreme fright.

SWEET CHESTNUT for suicidal depression.

And there were 23 more, as well as a "rescue remedy" for severe emergencies, made up of 5 of the 38 remedies.

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