Amazing Animals The Dog Who Traveled 3,000 Miles

About the amazing dog who traveled 3,000 miles from Indiana to Oregon to return to its master.


Bobbie, a mongrel whose father was an English sheep dog, got in a fight with a big bull terrier while his master was having his car fixed. It should have been all right. Bobbie had been in fights before. But the bull terrier was part of a dog pack that chased Bobbie away from the garage. When Bobbie was at last safe, he couldn't find his way back to the garage and his master, and, though he didn't know it (at least not in the way humans do), he was far from his real home in Oregon. For when the incident happened, Bobbie's master was on a vacation, visiting relatives in Indiana.

Bobbie knew he had to get home. At 1st he made several false starts, going off in the wrong direction, and traveling in circles. Then suddenly he seemed to know where home was. He began a long trip over rivers, deserts, mountains. It was winter when he crossed the Missouri; he had to swim between cakes of ice. By the time he reached Oregon, 6 months later, his paws were raw, cut to the bone, and his legs swollen. He was emaciated. But he had found his home. His howls of happiness were so loud that people up and down the street could hear them.

How could his master be sure it was the same dog? Bobbie had a bobbed tail, several scars, and 3 missing teeth. He was easy to identify. Later, Col. E. Hofer of the Oregon Humane Society investigated Bobbie's trip and was able to find many people who had given Bobbie a temporary home during the long trek or had seen him somewhere along the way.

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