Amazing Animals The Dog With ESP

About the amazing dog with ESP who could follow instructions no matter what language they were in.


Jim was a black-and-white Llewellyn setter owned by Sam Van Arsdale of Sedalia, Mo. When Jim was 3 1/2 years old, Arsdale instructed him to point out an elm tree. The setter walked over and put his paw on the trunk of one. In a similar way, the setter then identified a hickory, an oak, and a walnut tree.

In 1933, when Jim was 8 years old, he was tested by experts from the School of Education at the University of Missouri. Observers were stunned by the dog's abilities. Jim located a license plate number that he had been asked to identify in French. Then, when the command came in German, he pointed out a girl dressed in blue, a man with a black moustache, and a child with long, light-colored hair. The only explanation was that Jim, the "Wonder Dog," had ESP.

Jim had another talent, too: precognition. During his lifetime he predicted the winning horses of 6 consecutive Kentucky Derbies. In 1936, he predicted that Roosevelt would win the presidential election, even though Landon was heavily favored to win in a Literary Digest straw vote.

The setter was 12 years old when he died in 1937.

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