Amazing Animals the Life-Saving Canary

About the amazing life-saving canary, the bird who went for help when its master was in trouble.


Old Aunt Tess lived alone with her canary Bibs and her pet cat, in Hermitage, Tenn.--against the wishes of her niece, who thought her aunt was too old to live by herself. One rainy night in 1950, the niece, as was her custom, looked over toward Aunt Tess's house to see if the lights were on. They were. That meant that Aunt Tess was all right. The niece drew the curtain. Later, as she and her husband were sitting by the fire, they heard something tapping on the window. At 1st they thought it was a branch, but the tapping went on, and then they heard an almost human cry. The niece ran to the window and drew the curtains. Aunt Tess's canary, who had been beating against the glass, fell dead on the window sill. Alarmed, the 2 drove over to Aunt Tess's house and found her lying in a pool of blood. She had fallen, striking her head as she fell. Somehow the canary had known how and where to get help, and, in the process of doing so, had lost its own life.

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