Amazing Animals The Loyal Japanese Puppy

About the amazing loyal Japanese puppy who visited a railway station every day for 10 years waiting for his dead master's return.


Hachi went to a Tokyo railroad station to see his master off for work, as usual, one day in 1925. That evening, at 5 o'clock, he went to meet the train his master always came home on. But that night his master wasn't on it. The puppy had no way of knowing that his master had died in the city. Never giving up hope, Hachi went to the railroad station every day for the next 10 years--the rest of his life--and waited for the 5 o'clock train. Then, when his master didn't appear, he went sadly home. The people of Japan loved the little dog. When he died, the Government put up a statue of Hachi on the spot where he had waited and sent small replicas to all the schools in the Empire.

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