Amazing Animals The World Traveling Dog

About the amazing dog who was adopted by the U.S. Post Office and traveled around the world, now in the Smithsonian.


Owney, a shaggy mongrel, was adopted by the U.S. Post Office in Albany, N.Y., after the clerks found him asleep behind some mail sacks. It wasn't long before he grew bored with his home and started traveling on the railroad mail cars. Seeing that they could do nothing about his itchy feet, Owney's owners, the mail clerks, attached a tag to his collar with a note asking other clerks in the places he visited to stamp it. Soon he was spending more time on the road than at home; he was welcome on mail cars all over the U.S. On August 19, 1895, Owney stowed away on a ship bound for Japan, where he was honored by the Mikado, then went on to China, and from there around the world. When he got home, his collar was heavy with medals from the cities where he had been. After his death, he was stuffed and put on exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

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