American Telephone & Telegraph AT&T Random Facts and Trivia

About the United States business American Telephone & Telegraph or AT&T, random facts and trivia about them.



AT&T produces and services communications equipment. The Bell System handles 80% of the nation's telephones, plus hook-ups for the rest. Bell telephones in service totaled 110 million in 1973. The Bell System handles 432 million messages per business day.

The U.S. Government is the largest user of Bell System's communications services. This includes the Autovon network, which interconnects all the U.S. military installations around the world and is the most complicated and expensive of all phone hookups.

AT&T owns outright Western Electric, which itself is the 10th largest manufacturer in the U.S. Western Electric is employed by the Government to make war missiles.

AT&T is the nation's 6th largest war contractor.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has stated that AT&T is "without doubt the largest oppressor of women workers in the U.S." Customers dealing with the phone company usually speak to a woman because AT&T assumes that women are more pleasant and charming than men. Service representatives (mostly women) are regularly monitored as they talk to customers to make sure they do their job by the book.

A practice currently common in industry is the "speed-up," wherein workers are forced to do more work at a faster rate. Here is how the phone company describes a speed-up: "Now, instead of simplifying jobs, we seek to enlarge them. Instead of fragmenting assignments, we seek to enhance their challenge."

AT&T keeps a private dossier on every stock-holder with a significant share of stock.

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