Angola: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Angola, including literacy rates, name origins.



At least 95% of the people are illiterate. Only 35,000 blacks out of a total of over 5 million were ever able to reach the assimilado status legally offered. To become an assimilado, a black would have to apply to a tribunal and prove that he was a Christian, could read and write Portuguese, had a steady income, and would give up pagan for European customs.

"Angola" might appear to be a Portuguese name. Not so. The name actually derives from that of the old native King N'gola, who led one of the proud kingdoms which throve in western Africa before the immigration of the Europeans. Once the Europeans arrived, Angola quickly became known as the "Mother of Brazil," because it was the homeland of most of the blacks who were packed off to work on plantations in Brazil. Angola became one of the chief sources of slaves for the New World.

North of Angola is the tiny oil-rich enclave of Cabinda, which is also a former Portuguese colony. The new leaders of Angola want Cabinda to be ruled as part of Angola, but many people in Cabinda prefer independence. This issue, among others, has led to violence between revolutionary groups in the area.

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