Animals Random Facts and Trivia Part 2

A list of weird random facts and trivia about various animals, birds, fish, insects and so on.

Animal Facts and Oddities

Sharks, generally, have the reputation of eating people, but of 300 species, only the blue pointer, zambesi, tiger, mako, and hammer-head are known to eat humans. On occasion, the great white shark has also attacked and killed humans.

Russell's viper, a reptile common in India, serves human medicine by the use of its venom, an extract of which is beneficial in the treatment of hemophilia.

A human being holds the record for the longest life-span of any known mammal. At least 113 years--and maybe more.

Dingoes, wild dogs of Australia, do not bark.

Therates labiatus, the tiger beetle, exudes the fragrance of attar of roses. This attracts bees that are devoured by the beetle.

Cephalopterus ornatus, the bull bird of South America, has a voice that sounds like a cow.

Gila monsters hold reserve food supplies in their tails.

Jaguars are afraid of dogs, even little ones.

Mayfly, so named because it swarms in May, lives only 6 hours but lays eggs that require 3 years to hatch.

Some spider webs, if straightened out, would span 300 or more miles.

Meadowlarks belong to the blackbird family.

Stingarees of Australia can weigh 750 lbs. and have the most powerful venom of all fish.

Whales are the best of all animal high jumpers, often leaping more than 20' in the air.

Chameleons, tree-dwelling reptiles, change their color when emotionally aroused.

Hummingbirds have the unique ability to hover and to fly backward.

Megascolideo australis, a giant earthworm found in Australia, is 3/4" in diameter and often longer than 10'.

Weaver birds of South Africa lay their eggs in communal nests that contain 100 or more separate apartments.

Piranha fish found in the waters of eastern and central South America swim and attack in schools of up to 1,000. They can strip a horse down to a skeleton in minutes, will eat their own kind, and are themselves considered a delicacy.

Snakes of all species shake their tails when emotionally aroused, but only the rattlesnake has a noisemaker.

Tiger birds of South America can imitate a tiger's voice.

Electric eels are aquatic mysteries. They can discharge bursts of 625 volts, 40 times a second.

Blue whales, the largest mammals in the world, grow to 100' in length and weigh 150 tons. They develop 600 hp and can travel long distances at 20 knots per hour.

Mound-builder birds of Australia are fully feathered when hatched and can fly immediately.

Lizards are responsible for controlling the population of insects and spiders including the black widow. They do a far more efficient job than insecticides.

Birds, proportionate to their size and weight, are 75% stronger than people.

Pandaka pygmaer, the world's smallest vertebrate, is only 1/3" long.

Sturgeon is the largest freshwater fish and can weigh 2,250 lbs.

Ostriches are the world's largest nonflying birds. They can kick like a mule, give a realistic imitation of a lion's voice, and hiss like a snake.

Sitatunga, an African antelope, has the rare ability to sleep under water.

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