Arthur Jensen The Bell Curve Controversy Race and IQ Conclusion and Supporters

About the college professor Arthur Jensen who proposed that the races are unequal in regards to IQ and follow a bell curve pattern, conclusion and supporters.

Who is right-Jensen or his opponents? No one really knows. The SPSSI declaration stated, "A more accurate understanding of the contribution of heredity to intelligence will be possible only when social conditions for all races are equal and when this situation has existed for several generations." That may well be so.


Richard Herrnstein, a Harvard psychologist, believes that:

If differences in mental abilities are inherited;

If success depends on those abilities;

If earnings and prestige depend upon success;

Then social standing (which reflects earnings and prestige) will be based, to some extent, on inherited differences. By canceling out environmental differences (giving equal opportunity), we will increase the importance of hereditary differences. Then "success" and "failure" may run in families, and we will have a class system based on intelligence.

Herrnstein's opponents say that in the future, society is likely to be more fluid in job and social structures because of the development of technology, and that success on the job will be only 25% dependent on IQ.

William Shockley of Stanford University is coinventor of the transistor and a Nobel Laureate. However, he is not a psychologist nor does he have any training in the behavioral sciences. His great interest in the findings of people like Jensen has led him to study the subject of race and genetics. He describes blacks as genetically inferior and proposes a sterilization plan under which people with low IQs would receive $1,000 for each IQ point they score below 100 if they agree to sterilization.

Shockley has been burned in effigy and has had his car sprayed with obscenities. Graffiti around Stanford read, "Sterilize Shockley."

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