Assassination Attempts: George C. Wallace Alabama Governor Part 3

About the assassination of Alabama governor George C. Wallace, biography and history of the possible assassin Arthur Bremer.

The Victim: GEORGE C. WALLACE, the governor of Alabama,

Artie Bremer was described time and again as a "loner." Despite that description by certain of his acquaintances and by Life magazine, Bremer was constantly in the company of several individuals just prior to the assassination attempt.

One of these individuals has been identified as Mr. Dennis Cassini. Before any officials could question Cassini after the murder attempt on Wallace, he was found dead of a heroin overdose, his body locked in the trunk of his automobile. The Milwaukee officials reported this incident to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. No attempt was made by the Federal authorities, then under the direction of L. Patrick Gray, to investigate this matter further.

Bremer was also seen with an older, heavyset gentleman in the waiting room of the Chesapeake and Ohio Ferry in Ludington, Mich. He was described by the attendant as having a "New Joisey brogue." Mr. Roger Gordon, a former member of the Secret Army Organization (SAO), a government intelligence agency, identified Bremer's ferry contact as a Mr. Anthony Ulasewicz, a White House operative who would become well-known in the Watergate hearings. Gordon has since left this country.

It has been reported that Charles W. Colson ordered E. Howard Hunt (both also of Watergate fame) to break into Bremer's apartment within an hour of the shooting, and plant Black Panther party newspapers and Angela Davis literature there. A small news service employee carried out the Colson assignment. Wallace was interviewed by Barbara Walters of the Today show. In reference to the break-in, the governor said:

So I just wondered, if that were the case, how did anyone know where he lived within an hour after I was shot? I myself didn't know who shot me until several days later, but of course, I wouldn't know because I was in a condition not to know.

Knowledge of the suspect's identity and the location of his apartment so soon could possibly indicate prior knowledge of the incident.

All of these points could further indicate that the "loner," Arthur Herman Bremer, might well have been in collusion with some other party or parties in the attempt on the life of Gov. George C. Wallace. However, no further investigation is planned at the official level at this time.

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