Assassination of John F. Kennedy Part 4 Failure of the Warren Commission

About the assassinaton of United States President John F. Kennedy, history of the event including the less than thorough investigation by the Warren Commission.

The Victim: JOHN F. KENNEDY, 35th President of the U.S.

Witness Richard Carr was one of the closest observers of the fatal shot. Carr indicated that the shot came over his right shoulder or from the grassy knoll area. His testimony at the Clay Shaw proceeding in 1969 included the following exchange:

Q: As a result of the conversations with the FBI, what did you do?

A: I done as I was instructed, I shut my mouth.

Q: Were you called to testify before the Warren Commission?

A: No, sir.

It seems that the investigatory work in this case not only failed to meet the generally accepted standards for the gathering of truth, but it also served to stifle a full disclosure.

These points of evidence seem to emphasize grave inconsistencies in the official government account of the events of November 22, 1963. If, in fact, there was more than one gunman shooting at the President, as the evidence seems to indicate, there is a question as to why the plentiful clues were ignored by the Warren Commission. One member of the Commission wrote an article for Life magazine and also a book which supported the conclusions of the Warren Report--the lone-assassin single-bullet theory. This man is today the President of the U.S., Gerald R. Ford.

In determining the motives of the assassins--and those of the Warren Commission which failed to deal with the available evidence in depth, an obligation that it had to the American people--we are faced with problems. If we begin by suspecting that someone had a possible interest in having the President dead in 1963, we will find ourselves dealing with far too many people. And obviously no person or group of persons will ever admit an antipathy for the man in the face of a major investigation: de mortuis nil nisi bonum (of the dead say nothing but good).

Yet investigation must come about if the facts of this case are ever to be made public. And the American people have the right to a full disclosure of this situation in which it is possible that someone murdered a President of the U.S. and got away with it.

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