Bangladesh: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Bangladesh including problems with the government authority.



Today, with the Awami League unable to govern adequately, the underground movements are growing and attempting to unite. During the Pakistani occupation all groups armed themselves. Though Awami League leader Mujibur asked his people to turn in their arms, the underground opposition remains well armed.

Some of the various hill tribes of the Chittagong Hills, near the Burmese border, seek regional autonomy-a "Bangladesh within Bangladesh." And some of the anti-Indian left-wing parties advocate a united, independent Bengal, including Calcutta and the rest of Indian West Bengal.

Decaying public order led Mujibur to promulgate laws in 1974 allowing unlimited detention of government opponents. Under martial law he banned public meetings and authorized warrantless arrests. His government has seized editions of the leading Opposition newspaper, and in June, 1974, he even arrested Maulana Bhashani, the 90-year-old opposition leader, who defied Mujibur's restrictions by calling for one more mass demonstration.

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