Baseball History of the Little League World Series

About the Little League World Series, history and information about the famous youth baseball sporting event.

The Little League World Series

Little League Baseball originated in Williamsport, Pa., in 1939 with the formation of 3 teams. Today the program is worldwide, providing girls and boys from 8 to 18 with a well-planned and supervised sports activity.

Having roots in some 31 countries, the program involves slightly more than 9,000 leagues and 2 1/2 to 3 million youngsters. Thousands of adult volunteers are instrumental in guiding the program and helping to formulate policy.

As the Little League program grew, its value to the youth of this nation was recognized and eventually the Congress of the U.S. deemed it proper to grant a Federal Charter--the only such sports program to have this distinction.

Numerous other youth baseball programs have emulated Little League, copying its format and rules. Throughout its history Little League had adhered to the original concepts of discipline, sportsmanship, and safety.

The list of Little League volunteers reads like a Who's Who listing. The names of young men who have moved through Little League to successful futures is even more impressive.

In addition to providing a soundly organized program for America's youth, Little League has been a leader in promoting safety features essential to any sound effort. Many of the features developed by Little League have found their way to other areas of the sports world, including the adult professional level.

Little League, with its softball and baseball programs for girls and boys, is healthy and growing through the dedication and efforts of men, women, and youngsters around the world.

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