Berkeley Psychic Institute

About the Berkeley Psychic Institute including a number of their past predictions about the future that proved wrong concerning politics, disasters, and government.


At this school for psychic readings located in Berkeley, Calif., 7 experienced psychics--Lewis Bostwick, Michael Symonds, Sue Viera, Carol Irvine, Connie Westberg, Ken Burke, Cynthia Lester--gathered in January, 1974, to tape their group predictions exclusively for The People's Almanac.

Past Predictions: Wrong--Never worked together before as a group. Right--Never worked together before as a group.

Future Predictions: For 1975-1980

--Egypt will start trying to expand her borders.

--In the U.S., an association of natural therapists will be founded, its organization consisting of well-trained psychics, humanistic psychologists, and similar healers.

--In 1976, the President of Mexico, along with 2 of his Ministers and members of his family, will be assassinated, "with the Government being fully overthrown."

--Late in 1976 or in 1977, there will be revolutions in India. New Delhi will suffer famine or natural disaster, "a lot of people dying."

--"On May 26, 1977, there will be the start of a short war in the area of Labrador, between Greenland and Russia, over fishing rights. Nuclear torpedoes will be used."

--"In November, 1977, extensive flooding in the coastal area of Virginia, in the U.S., with 200 people killed."

--Before or during 1978, Israel will get the atom bomb. Australia will also get the bomb and become a world power.

--Russia and Germany will have a conflict in 1978 "involving several smaller countries." The Government of Russia will change in that time.

--During February or the 1st 2 weeks in March, 1978, the Prime Minister of Japan will be assassinated.

--In 1978, there will be a major earthquake in Northern California and parts of Oregon.

--During 1978, China will instigate an internal uprising inside Afghanistan.

--"In 1978 or 1979, a scientist in China or Russia will discover some new way of using the atom to produce energy. A major breakthrough. It will be kept secret because the person who discovers it wasn't supposed to be working on it--he was doing something he wasn't supposed to do."

--Around 1978 or 1979, an avatar will appear

--not from India, maybe a Slovak--who will operate on a psychic level, and some time later will manifest himself as God.

--In 1980, "there will be a breaking up of icebergs around the North Pole. Scientists will get together in a submarine to go into waters they hadn't gone into before. They will be looking for Atlantis again. They will find machines, data, far below the surface and frozen in ice. They will find a time capsule, and maybe materials from other worlds that started things on earth. One object that the scientists will also discover--it will scare them away from this area--is a huge ball, part of it protruding, from which radiates tremendous energy."

For 1981-1990--"In 1981, there will be a U.S. Supreme Court Justice appointed who will eventually go on to become Vice-President of the U.S. He might have a double last name or a name with 'Van' in It."

--A.E. & I.W.

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