Bermuda: Location, History, Size, Population, & Government

About Bermuda, information, history size, location, population, people, culture, and government.


Size--21 sq. mi. (54 sq. km.). Population--57,000.

A British colony, Bermuda is a cluster of over 300 small coral islands in the Northwest Atlantic, less than 600 mi. from Cape Hatteras, N.C. Local sentiment favoring independence is growing most insistent. In late 1972, the police commissioner was murdered and on March 10, 1973, the British-appointed governor, Sir Richard Sharples, was assassinated. Though no one has been charged with the assassination, some whites believe that black nationalist groups may be involved. Approximately 60% of the population is black. Bermuda's year-round spring climate has made it a favorite tourist spot. The islands have also attracted U.S. air and naval bases.

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