Biography and History of Famous Rock Band The Beatles Part 4

About the famous singers and songwriters English band The Beatles, history and biography of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr.

The Beatles: John Lennon (1940- ), Paul McCartney (1942- ), George Harrison (1943- ), Ringo Starr (1940- ).

After a brief acting stint, John Lennon divorced his 1st wife, Cynthia, whom he had secretly married on August 23, 1962, after he learned she was pregnant with their child, Julian. Then Lennon married Yoko Ono, and they became inseparable. They formed the Plastic Ono Band and, demonstrating against the Vietnam War with a peace-in, publicly spent a month in bed together in a hotel room. They both appeared nude, front and back, on their 1st album. After unsuccessful attempts to have a child, John and Yoko found different career directions and separated in 1974. John's life-style and music have embodied social activism. He has fought a constant battle to obtain U.S. residency against authorities who hold an old British marijuana conviction against him. His songs continue to range from the bizarre to the beautiful.

Paul is the most show-biz type, giving up his old girl friend, Jane Asher, to marry Linda Eastman, an American divorcee. McCartney sued the other ex-Beatles when they hired Allen Klein to run Apple, their highly innovative but financially disastrous post-Beatle business organization. Still cherubic and insecure, Paul continues to record with wife Linda and his band, Wings. It was McCartney's 1st solo album which made the Beatle breakup overt and final. Much of his music is reminiscent of the middle-Beatle period of pop and experimental commercial songs. His individual hits include "Live and Let Die," a movie sound track, and "Band on the Run."

Sad-eyed, long-nosed Ringo has been the least active but apparently the most content Beatle until recently. He had settled down with his wife Maureen, and their children, while doing movies and pop-flavored Western songs. However, as of February, 1975, a divorce was pending.

Brian Epstein died in 1968 of an overdose, which was related to a profound depression that was caused by his losing The Beatles as clients, and by his father's death.

The Beatles were as significant sociologically as they were musically. Their songs crossed national boundaries, crystallizing youthful attitudes and pumping up England's economy-thereby earning the Order of the British Empire award from the Queen. (Lennon: "She was like a mum to us.") They symbolized a new life-style, engendering a generation which, for the 1st time in the telecommunication's world, sang together with a collective humanistic (albeit temporary) social consciousness.

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