Biography of Auto Racing Athlete Stirling Moss

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Stirling Moss

Many experts rate Stirling Moss as the greatest racing driver of all time. In 466 races, including Grand Prix, rallies, sprints, and record-breaking attempts, he won 194 times. No other driver comes close to that number.

Moss, born in England in 1929, was virtually born into racing. His father, a highly successful dental surgeon who had been a race driver (including 2 runs at Indianapolis), taught Stirling how to drive at a very young age when he could barely reach the control pedals. He started training for a driving career by stripping a $45 Austin to lighten it and driving it around neighborhood fields.

After wearing out the Austin, he switched to a BMW briefly and then in 1948 to a Cooper, which he used to win 8 races in 9 starts. He surprised the racing world by driving the Cooper, then considered a crazy racing contraption, to 3rd place in his 1st race on the Continent, a Formula 2 event at Garda, where he met European aces with their Ferraris and Maseratis. He was on his way to a great sports-car driving career.

After winning his 1st British championship, he was offered a Maserati by the factory. In the Monza race, he was leading the Ferrari and Mercedes teams and appeared on the way to victory when his car broke down. Signed the following year by Mercedes as their No. 2 driver (behind Juan Manuel Fangio), he finished in several races 2nd behind the famed driver. He did manage to win the British Grand Prix ahead of Fangio. Moss returned to Maserati when Mercedes withdrew from racing, and he beat Fangio at Monte Carlo and Monza.

Moss was seriously injured in a race crash in 1962, ending a competitive career that saw him become champion of Great Britain 10 times and one of the world's best-known sports figures.

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