Biography of Famous Atheist Ambrose Bierce

About the famous American atheist Ambrose Bierce, history and information about the beliefs of the writer.

AMBROSE BIERCE (1842-1914?)

His Person: American writer of short stories, fables, and epigrams. Pursued career as free-lance journalist and newspaper columnist, serving on staff of San Francisco Sunday Examiner. His Examiner columns reviled organized religion, big business, and the human race in general. Known for his bitter and sarcastic wit. Disappeared into the wilderness of Mexico, and was never heard of again. It is said that he intended to join Pancho Villa's revolutionary forces. Wrote: The Devil's Dictionary, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.

His Belief: "If there is a God--a proposition that the wise are neither concerned to deny nor hot to affirm--nothing is more obvious than that for some purpose known only to himself he has ordered all the arrangements of this world utterly regardless of the temporal needs of man. This earth is about the worst that a malevolent ingenuity, an unquickened apathy, or an extreme incapacity could have devised."

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