Biography of Famous Atheist Andre Breton

About the famous atheist Andre Breton history and information about the beliefs of the surrealist writer.

ANDRE BRETON (1896-1966)

His Person: Poet and critic, founder and principal theorist of the surrealist movement. Was concerned with abolishing the separation between art and daily social reality. Experimented with techniques of automatism (allowing the unconscious mind to find expression through uncontrolled or uncensored images) and dream research. Was interested in the revolutionary movements of his time and attempted to develop an aesthetics and a politics that would integrate the theories of both Marx and Freud. Wrote: Manifestos of Surrealism, Nadja, Surrealism and Painting.

His Belief: "Everything that is doddering, squint-eyed, infamous, sullying, and grotesque is contained for me in this single word: God."

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