Biography of Famous Atheist Arthur Schopenhauer

About the famous German atheist Arthur Schopenhauer, history and information about the beliefs of the philosopher.


His Person: German philosopher who was the 1st avowed atheist. Kant's critique of the proofs of God had a profound influence on him at the start of his career: "When the stench of a corpse fills my nostrils I become indignant." The coexistence of divine freedom with human freedom was impossible. Nothing was left of God but His "mortal remains." Developed his thesis that the world is Idea, organized and directed by the Will. Obsessed by many phobias and fears, he always slept with loaded pistols at hand.

His Belief: "Theism [belief in God] is incompatible with the responsibility of a moral being because in theism responsibility always falls back on the Creator of that being. . . . If our will is free it is also original being, and vice versa."

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