Biography of Famous Atheist Friedrich Nietzsche

About the famous German atheist Friedrich Nietzsche, history and information about the beliefs of the philosopher.


His Person: German philosopher and writer credited with phrase "God is Dead" and the doctrine of "nihilism." Plagued throughout life with attacks of dizziness, headaches, and numerous physical ailments. Resolved that only man's "will to live" could make him free. Aimed to make a godless existence endurable and meaningful. Became a professor at age 24. Son of a Lutheran minister. Died insane. Wrote: Thus spoke Zarathustra, The Joyful Wisdom, The Anti-Christ.

His Belief: "In fact, we philosophers and 'free spirits' feel ourselves irradiated as by a new dawn by the report that the 'old God is dead'; our hearts overflow with gratitude, astonishment, presentiment, and expectation."

"You say you believe in the necessity of religion. Be sincere! You believe in the necessity of the police."

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