Biography of Famous Atheist Johann Most

About the famous Russian atheist Johann Most, history and information about the beliefs of the anarchist.

JOHANN MOST (1846-1906)

His Person: A Russian anarchist, he was repeatedly jailed for writing subversive pamphlets and newspaper articles. Escaped from Russia to Germany after being imprisoned for 16 months for his essay praising the nihilists. Then forced to flee Germany for England, where he discovered the English penal system. Spent his last years in America, where he served more prison terms for "seditious writings" and "criminal anarchy." Also received the dubious honor of being publicly whipped by anarchist Emma Goldman.

His Belief: "God is merely a specter, fabricated by designing scoundrels, through which mankind is tyrannized and kept in constant dread. But the phantom instantly dissolves when examined under the glass of sober reflection."

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