Biography of Famous Atheist Karl Marx

About the famous German atheist Karl Marx, history and information about the beliefs of the philosopher.

KARL MARX (1818-1883)

His Person: German philosopher and revolutionary theorist. Descended from a line of rabbis, brought up as a Lutheran. Wanted to teach but turned to a journalism career when his reputation as a dangerous thinker barred him from joining any school faculties. Wished to transform society by eliminating hierarchical class divisions. His ideal society would be based on genuinely productive and voluntary work, rather than on "alienated" labor. The worker would no longer be "related to the product of his labor as to an alien, hostile, powerful, and independent object." Wrote: Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital.

His Belief: "The proofs of the existence of God are nothing but proofs for the existence of the essentially human self-consciousness. . . . Man is the supreme being for man. . . . Atheism and communism . . . are but the 1st real coming-to-be, the realization become real for man, of man's essence."

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