Biography of Famous Atheist Nikolai Lenin

About the famous Russian atheist Nikolai Lenin, history and information about the beliefs of the revolutionary leader.

NIKOLAI LENIN (1870-1924)

His Person: Bolshevik ideologist, leader of the Russian Revolution of 1917, and founding father of the Soviet Republic. The son of a schoolteacher. When he was 17, his brother was hanged for taking part in an unsuccessful assassination plot against the Czar. Received a law degree at St. Petersburg University, then became involved with revolutionary groups. Exiled to Siberia for 3 years. After years of revolutionary agitation and exile, he returned to Russia and was made chairman of the Council of People's Commissars, appointed by the November, 1917, 2nd All-Russian Congress of Soviets. He remained head of state until his death. His embalmed body, preserved in a mausoleum on Moscow's Red Square, is an object of pilgrimage.

His belief: "God-making is the worst way of spitting in one's own face."

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