Biography of Famous British Psychic Daniel Douglas Home Part 2

About the famous British psychic Daniel Douglas Home, his biography and later life as he continued in his profession of spiritualism.


Notable British psychic.

Home, a young man of charming appearance and ill health (his health never ceased to trouble him), would not accept money for his work and was much offended by such an offer. However, he was very fond of jewelry, furs, and other gifts, which he always accepted. Moreover, he accepted more than graciously the lodgings he was given at the houses of well-to-do and socially elite persons. He was said to be quite affable company, his presence entertaining his host, and as Home was a much coveted guest, he added to the host's prestige. "Nature had, in short, formed him to be the perfect houseguest." Home's successes included New England, England, Italy, France, and Russia. Not only aristocrats, but artists as well, became devotees of Home's abilities, most notably the poetess Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Her husband, poet Robert Browning, violently despised Home and his spirit friends, and he even went so far as to write the poem Mr. Sludge, The Medium to disparage him. Home had one difficult year when the spirits abandoned him because they found his behavior a bit too dissolute. (He became a Roman Catholic during this period.) The spirits returned a year later on a given date, as they had promised.

In 1858, when Home married a young Russian girl, his friend Alexandre Dumas, pere, was his best man. Sasha, his bride, did not know of his abilities and at 1st was somewhat disconcerted to find spirits materializing in their bedroom, but soon she too became an avid devotee of spiritualism. She bore him a son, Gricha, and died at an early age. He wrote his autobiography soon after her death, and then, deciding to study sculpture, he went to Rome, where he was promptly excommunicated as a sorcerer.

More adventures followed, including a messy legal case with an elderly widow who adopted him. At this time, he became a very close friend of a Lord Adare, who took scrupulous note of his activities and wrote a book about him, observing at length such feats as levitation and the handling of hot coals and fire. Adare writes of a seance in the late 1860s--"We heard Home go into the next room, heard the window thrown up, and presently Home appeared standing upright outside over a window; he opened the window and walked in quite coolly." What is notable here is that the windows were on the 3rd floor, 60' to 70' above the ground, and there was no balcony.

Near the end of his life, Home who had remarried, devoted his time to writing and traveling, giving occasional seances for friends, including Mark Twain. He died in France at the age of 53.

Although countless skeptics attempted to discredit Home's feats as charlatanry, none ever succeeded in the slightest degree, and today D. D. Home is considered one of history's greatest mediums.

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