Biography of Famous Fictional Characters Sherlock Holmes Part 2

About the biography of famous fictional character Sherlock Holmes, history and information of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle creation.

SHERLOCK HOLMES (b. 1853?-d. )

The most famous master criminal with whom Holmes dealt was the dastardly Professor Moriarty, who was, in Holmes's words, "a genius, a philosopher, an abstract thinker," with a "brain of the 1st order." Moriarty's operation was huge, a criminal network that covered Europe. After Moriarty tried to murder Holmes and burn the rooms at Baker Street, Holmes went in pursuit of him. They met in a death struggle on the Reichenbach precipice, where, it is said, the redoubtable Holmes wrestled the master criminal over the edge of the cliff to fall to his death below. There is some controversy about what happened next to Holmes, for he disappeared for 2 years. He himself claimed that he went on a long journey under the name of Sigerson: to Tibet where he met the head lama, to Persia, to Khartoum, ending up in Paris where he conducted some research into coal-tar derivatives. (There are those who believe that Holmes in actuality had amnesia during this period.)

After that, he resumed his career, and Watson resumed writing books about it. The good doctor delighted in telling of Holmes's disguises: a plumber, a loafer, an old salt, a drunken groom, an old woman, a priest, a crippled bookseller. He delighted also in telling about the great detective's uncanny ability to extract from the smallest piece of evidence a whole story of crime. (It is no accident that Holmes was the author of a little known classic monograph on over 100 varieties of tobacco ash.) For some reason, the 2 men quarreled in 1896, and Holmes was left without his Boswell for a period of time. It had happened before that Watson had left the scene (usually to get married), but this was the 1st time the 2 had had a falling out.

They made up, and the 2 stayed together until Holmes's retirement, in 1912, to a small farm upon the South Downs, overlooking the Channel, where he took up beekeeping. So engrossed was he in this retirement hobby that he wrote a book about it: A Practical Handbook of Bee Culture, with Some Observations upon the Segregation of the Queen.

Holmes came out of retirement once to break a W.W. I master-spy ring which was threatening the security of the British Empire.

The circumstances of his death are uncertain.

The late W. S. Baring-Gould claims that Holmes died at the age of 103, just after sunset, with the word "Irene" on his lips. (Irene Adler, glamorous adventuress, may have been The Woman in Holmes's life.)

E. V. Knox said that Holmes died at the age of 98 from a sting by one of his bees, possibly an Italian queen.

There are equally conflicting versions of the death of Watson.

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