Biography of Famous Fictional Characters Superman aka Clark Kent Part 2

About the biography of famous fictional character Superman aka Clark Kent, history of the cartoon character.


(b. 1938- )

Superman, as Clark Kent, has dated many girls, but he has had few lasting relationships over the years. He continues to see Lana Lang, a high school chum, fellow reporter Lois Lane, and the mermaid Lori, inhabitant of an underseas city on Atlantis. He remains one of the more eligible bachelors in the U.S. His personal wealth, mostly contained in his Arctic Fortress of Solitude, is beyond reckoning.

Although Clark Kent has taken part in this country's wars as Superman, he maintains a strictly nonpartisan stance in his super activities, preferring to deal with criminals of both human and alien descent. Great heroes attract great villains. Superman has been plagued by his archenemy Lex Luthor, a boyhood genius who might have devoted his prodigious scientific talents to the good of mankind had not the enthusiastic Superboy caused an accident which left Luthor bald. Luthor traditionally pursues 2 goals: world domination and the destruction of Superman.

Superman has also dealt with the fiendish Braniac, a computer who successfully masqueraded for many years as a green human being. Superman has also confronted Mr. Mxyztplk, the Imp from the Fifth Dimension, who can be returned to his home only by being tricked into pronouncing his own name backwards.

For many years, Superman was plagued by chunks of kryptonite, radioactive remnants of his home planet, which had the power to weaken and possibly kill him. Kryptonite's various forms, of which green was the most deadly and the most common, complicated Superman's life until a freak accident in 1970 at a secret government testing laboratory in New Mexico rendered all kryptonite harmless.

Superman has had some difficulty lately with villains utilizing magic, the one force that can consistently overpower him. He has also evidenced a heightened social awareness, intervening in racial and class problems where the old Superman would ne'er have trodden.

He resides at 344 Clinton Ave. in Metropolis, but since this is also the address of Clark Kent, Superman's residence is a secret divulged only to a select few. Those interested in contacting him are urged to write the Daily Planet.

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