Biography of Famous Fictional Characters Tarzan of the Apes Part 3

About the biography of famous fictional character Tarzan of the Apes, history of King of the Jungle and his lady Jane.

TARZAN OF THE APES (b. 1888- )

It was several months later that Jane, living on a farm in Wisconsin and facing marriage for financial reasons to a cold-hearted villain, saw a 4-cylinder French touring car drive up. Who should step out of it but Tarzan. In short order he saved her from the villain and a forest fire, only to have to renounce his true love. (She, in a weak moment, had agreed to marry Tarzan's 2nd cousin.) Two years later, Tarzan had his heart's desire and married Jane. In the interim, however, he had some spine-tingling adventures: a duel, a fight with bandit Arabs, a brief fling with a countess. (Though his heart always belonged to Jane, Tarzan was wildly attractive to women, including the beautiful Russian countess and the queen of La, a lost Atlantis in the heart of Africa. He wasn't always able to fight them off, though what did take place would hardly shock anyone today.) He also learned to drink absinthe and smoke cigarettes.

During the rest of his life, Tarzan lived either at his English country estate (he got his title at last) or his African estate and, when he grew bored with both, traveled the world. Though outwardly urbane, he never did shake off his jungle childhood. (Once, on the green lawn of Westerfalcon Hall, he found and ate an earthworm, a treat for an ape, much to Jane's horror.)

During his lifetime, Tarzan had 2 sons, one adopted, which, along with his wife, he was always rescuing from horrible fates. He conducted a running battle with the dastardly Rokoff and sundry other villains: the River Devil, the Lion Man, a Minunian scientist who shrank him to the height of 18", and the monster Numa, a celestial lion that threatened to eat up the moon. (Biographers other than Burroughs doubt the truth of this story.) In W.W. I, he lassoed a bomber. In W.W. II, he joined the RAF and flew planes over Burma, China, and Japan. (He was also in the Foreign Legion.) Though most of his adventures were in Africa, where he visited such little known places as the Great Thorn Forest, he also traveled throughout the world, including Hollywood, where movie-makers made fortunes chronicling his life and those of his sons.

There is no record of what happened to Tarzan after 1946. There are those who think he still lives, pushing 90 years of age, though he dropped out of sight so long ago. May he swing through the trees forever!

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