Biography of Famous Fictional Characters The Lone Ranger Part 1

About the biography of famous fictional character The Lone Ranger, history of the cowboy hero.

THE LONE RANGER (b. 1850- )

The Lone Ranger's career in law enforcement began in Texas a few years after the Civil War. Following a family tradition, he joined the Texas Rangers to assist in maintaining law and order along the Rio Grande. His brother, Daniel Reid, was then a captain in the organization.

The Ranger's personal vendetta against injustice in the Old West is traceable back to a fight between a 6-man Ranger detachment and the members of the notorious "Hole-in-the Wall" Butch Cavendish gang. With Captain Reid in command, the small group of Rangers had been ambushed in a narrow ravine with high walls, called Bryant's Gap. In the shootout that followed, Captain Reid and 4 other Rangers were killed. The last man, Reid's younger brother, was badly hit and left by Cavendish to die.

Ranger Reid finally regained consciousness, days later. He found himself being cared for, in a cave, by the Indian Tonto. During his recovery, Ranger Reid learned that he was the only survivor from the massacre. You are the "lone Ranger" left alive, Tonto told him, and the anonymous name was the one by which he was known for the rest of his career.

Together, the Lone Ranger and Tonto buried the 5 men who had fallen. To fool the Cavendish gang, should it return, they created a 6th--a dummy--grave for Reid. Knowing that he would be marked for instant death if he reappeared openly, the Lone Ranger assumed a disguise: an eye mask made from his late brother's black vest, cloth that once had been honored by having the silver star of the law pinned to it.

In the years that followed, the Lone Ranger and Tonto ranged relentlessly across 7 Western States in their common crusade against the forces of Evil. They rested only to get new supplies and make an occasional visit to the hidden silver mine which Reid and his brother Daniel had discovered. In their long absences, the mine was managed by an elderly, retired Ranger named Jim, who took only enough silver for his personal needs. During these reunions, the Lone Ranger also recast a new supply of silver bullets, the trademark he used to spread panic among the outlaws.

The selection of the precious metal for the bullets was deliberate. Its value constantly reminded the Lone Ranger of the high cost of human life, and of the necessity to take it only when he had no other choice. For that reason, he shot to kill only when there was no alternative.

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