Biography of Famous Fictional Characters The Lone Ranger Part 2

About the biography of famous fictional character The Lone Ranger, history of the cowboy hero.

THE LONE RANGER (b. 1850- )

The Masked Rider of the Plains often traveled in disguise. He took off his black mask to assume roles as a bearded prospector, a drawling cowboy, or a hundred other occupations common to the frontier. When he had to, he could even adopt the appearance of a Mexican, complete with sombrero and accent. While wearing these disguises, he never openly lied to curious people who wondered about the newcomer in their midst. Their questions were deftly parried with answers which encouraged a wrong conclusion to be made. Cowboys, for example, who were "sure" he must have punched cattle with them along the Chisholm Trail, were told that it "might" have been true. No one, whether it be passengers on a train, who--seeing him firmly issuing orders--believed he was a railroad detective, or town citizens, who--noticing his impressive arrival--mistook him for an Eastern banker, ever forced him to cross the line separating truth from falsity.

In appearance, the Lone Ranger was a commanding figure, standing just over 6' tall and weighing about 190 lbs. His speech, possibly reflecting his early years in Detroit, was of a distinctly formal, Eastern style. An intensely dedicated man, he rarely smiled, and his clear, piercing blue eyes demanded instant respect from utter strangers. His voice was deep and rich, or--when it had to be--stern and commanding.

During the Lone Ranger's early pursuit of Butch Cavendish--a foe who was to plague him again and again--the Masked Rider's horse was killed. Badly in need of another, he heard of the legendary white stallion of Wild Horse Valley. Traveling there with Tonto on Scout, he found the animal locked in mighty combat with a huge buffalo. The stallion, its sides dripping red with blood, was in danger of losing its life until the Ranger's silver bullets intervened. The 2 men remained there to nurse the wounded stallion back to health. They were rewarded for their efforts when the horse, after 1st bolting for the freedom of Wild Horse Valley to resume its former life, stopped and returned to its saviors.

The stallion's flanks shone like silver in the dazzling sun, Tonto said--and "Silver" it was named, the great horse with the thundering hooves and the speed of light. In future missions, the Lone Ranger and his new-found friend, shod with shoes of silver from the Reid mine, departed the scene where Justice had been done with a ringing "Hi-Yo, Silver, Awa-a-way!"

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