Biography of Famous Fictional Characters The Lone Ranger Part 3

About the biography of famous fictional character The Lone Ranger, history of the cowboy hero.

THE LONE RANGER (b. 1850- )

The Lone Ranger's adventures were almost without limit. He saved cowboys caught in the rampages of flood waters. He recovered stolen maps that located valuable mines, and "found" deeds that kept loans from being foreclosed. He defeated attempts by crooked town bankers to acquire illicit wealth. He rescued the hapless from hundreds of predicaments. In the course of his exploits, he met many famous men including General Custer and President Grant. For one period, lasting well over a year, he fought the Black Arrow syndicate, a group whose ultimate goal was the takeover of the U.S. Government. One by one, he met and captured the members of the band, working his way up to the secret leader himself, the acting governor of a Western State.

Throughout his career, the Lone Ranger gave full credit to the help of his faithful companion, Tonto. In their initial meeting in the cave, the Ranger had learned that he and the tall Indian had been boyhood friends. Tonto then had called him "Kemo Sabay," a native term for "Faithful Friend." It was Tonto, he told others, who gave him the name "Lone Ranger," and who christened the great white stallion "Silver." And he attributed his ability to ride rapidly in pursuit of outlaws to Tonto's talent as a tracker. It always guided him in the right direction, with the reliable Indian riding alongside.

Years after the Ranger's one-man crusade began, he found the son of his long-dead brother, Daniel. The boy had been cared for, after being saved in a wagon train massacre, by old Grandma Frisbie. Upon her death, young Daniel Reid, Jr., became the Lone Ranger's responsibility. Daniel spent part of the year at an Eastern school, and the remainder with his uncle and Tonto, learning the historical heritage of the Golden West.

One of the last captures officially credited to the Lone Ranger was the dispersal of the Ace Perigon Gang. During this encounter, he was recognized by a former Texas Ranger friend, Martin, who was then a member of the gang. Martin, at the cost of his own life, helped the Lone Ranger escape and bring the gang to justice. As he lay dying, Martin made the Lone Ranger promise to carry on his fight against Evil, and to train someone else to take his place, when he finally joined Martin and the others in the Great Roundup in the Sky. The Lone Ranger promised Martin that someone would always be ready to meet the challengers of Evil, whether it be Daniel Reid, Jr., or another.

There is no death date given for the "Lone Ranger." He lives.

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