Biography of Famous Fictional Characters Uncle Scrooge McDuck Part 1

About the biography of famous fictional character Uncle Scrooge McDuck, history and information of the cartoon character.


Born in Scotland, son of a Glasgow miner. As a youth, he earned money shining shoes and gathering and selling firewood. In 1879-1880, he left Scotland and moved to the U.S., where his uncle was a riverboat captain on the Mississippi. He traveled across the country until he ran out of money in Montana, failed as a prospector, then hired on as a cowboy in 1882. He staked a land claim, built a shack, and mined for copper. The mine boomed and Scrooge was able to return to Scotland as a wealthy duck in 1884.

He traveled widely and his lust for money led him to Africa where he found and developed the Star of the World diamond mine and became a millionaire. He left the mine to be run by employees and continued his travels. Scrooge traded pearls in Indochina, bought and sold yaks in Tibet, and financed a network of salesmen in the Gobi desert. In 1898, he heard about the Alaska gold rush and crossed the Bering Strait. He worked hard, saved his money, and met the woman of his life--Glittering Goldie, the Star of the North. Eventually Scrooge tired of mosquitoes, mud, and ice, so he moved to town and opened a bank and general store. By 1902, he had made his 1st billion.

After more travels Scrooge found his home for life. On the site of Old Ft. Duckburg on the Tulebug River, he staked a claim to 10 acres and built a wooden money bin. It was in this period that Scrooge remarked:

No man is poor who can do what he likes to do once in a while

And I like to dive around in my money like a porpoise

And burrow through it like a gopher . . .

And toss it up, and let it hit me on the head.

He financed a chemical gas factory, a smelter, and other industries. By 1910 his business was a colossus and the city of Duckburg was growing. The challenge was gone so Scrooge hit the road again.

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