Biography of Famous Fictional Characters Uncle Scrooge McDuck Part 2

About the biography of famous fictional character Uncle Scrooge McDuck, history and information of the cartoon character.


He sold rain hats in Arabia, lawn mowers in the Sahara, and started a salt business in Egypt before being forced out by the political situation. He discovered a diamond mine in the Congo and in 1916 he prospected for emeralds in South America. Scrooge returned to New York in 1921 and hit the stock market--he bought RCA for 5 cent a share and sold it for $538 a share in 1929. Staunchly conservative during the Roosevelt years, his industrial business was tripled by W.W. II. By the late 1940s he possessed 3 cubic acres of money. His health declined because his pores became clogged with gold dust and minerals from his habit of swimming in his money. He also became addicted to Amazonian Nutmeg Tea. In his later years, he became nasty and greedy and obsessed with protecting his fortune, particularly from the Beagle Boys, a family of thieves who made 20 attempts to get Scrooge's money. Because of his lower-class origins, Scrooge had an intense need for social acceptance by the traditionally wealthy of the duck world.

In his old age, he was driven by the need to prove himself as good as ever through making such deals as selling the people of tropical Indochina an enormous stove used for heating aircraft hangars. Uncle Scrooge McDuck is believed to be alive today although his whereabouts is unknown. His fortune, said to exceed that of J. Paul Getty, is estimated at $1 multiplijillion, 9 obsquatumatillian, 623.62.

(Scrooge's adventures have been admirably chronicled by his Boswell, Carl Barks, a former dishwasher, miner, sailor, and lumberman who went to work in the Disney studios during the '40s. Barks 1st undertook the illumination of the crusty capitalist's life with the book Only a Poor Old Man, in Uncle Scrooge #1 (1951). This is generally believed to be the 1st authorized chapter in the great duck's biography.

Through the years, no other artist or writer has come close to Barks in continuously and creatively presenting Scrooge's life or homespun philosophy. Barks has also collaborated extensively on the adventures of Donald Duck. See "Interview with Donald Duck" by Dave Wagner, Radical America, Vol. 7, No. 1. This also contains much information on Scrooge. Barks is now retired and lives in Goleta, Calif., where he paints in oils. His various oils depicting Scrooge amid his wealth are considered to be the finest visual presentations of the reclusive tycoon, since no photographs exist.

FOR FURTHER READING: Informal Biography of Scrooge McDuck by Jack Chalker. Baltimore, Md.: Mirage Press, n.d. (P. O. Box 7687, Baltimore, Md. 21207).

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