Biography of Famous Fictional Characters Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince

About the biography of famous fictional character Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince, history of the comic book character.


Little is known of Wonder Woman's early existence on Paradise Isle because the island is still uncharted and was discovered only by chance during W.W. II.

The circumstances surrounding her birth are shrouded in mystery. While the legend of her being sculpted by her mother is a quaint parable, modern scientists now feel that she was more likely a product of parthenogenesis, i.e., virgin birth. Whatever the true circumstances, she was born to Queen Hippolyte who was then, and still is, the ruler of Paradise Island.

This island is inhabited entirely by women. The women are said to wear bracelets that make their bodies bulletproof and act as reminders of the slavery in store for women if they submit to men. The island's women also possess the gift of Eternal Life as long as they stay on Paradise Isle. But the Queen's daughter, Princess Diana, was to follow a different destiny.

During W.W. II when Diana was barely out of her teens, Capt. Steven Trevor, U.S. Army Intelligence Service, crash-landed his plane off the coast of the island. Princess Diana rescued Trevor from drowning and fell in love with the handsome pilot. During his recovery he told her about the Nazis and the threat they posed to democracy. Even though her country was ruled by a Queen, Princess Diana had no doubts about the value of democracy and felt it her duty to go to America with Steven to try to change, "a world torn by the hatreds of wars of men."

Though Princess Diana had to give up Eternal Life when she left the island, she was able to take with her to America some very valuable aids: an invisible plane able to travel at 3,000 mph and possessing the power to transcend time and space; a magic golden lasso that could compel obedience nonviolently; and, of course, her bracelets that made her body bulletproof.

Upon taking up residence in the U.S., Princess Diana disguised herself as American Diana Prince, and worked at various jobs as a secretary and nurse. She called upon her patroness, the goddess Diana, protector of women and wild animals, to help protect her adopted country from foreign powers. Diana became so involved in this fight that she soon traded her skirt for a costume patterned after the American flag with an eagle emblazoned on her bosom. She became known as Wonder Woman.

In her early years in America, Wonder Woman was frequently spotted doing good and conquering her country's enemies using force tempered by love and justice. Whenever possible, Wonder Woman tried to convert her enemies and often employed her telepathic and "magical" female powers to do so. She took an active role in protecting women from sadistic and evil men and, aided by a band of college girls, sought to teach women to become more independent and self-respecting.

As the years went on, Wonder Woman became immersed in the male-oriented society of the '50s that found previously strong-willed women (who had worked in munitions factories and had run local governments) again relegated to household tasks by the men who returned from the war. This switch in society's attitude caused Wonder Woman great distress and she too changed, giving up her plane, magic lasso, and bracelets, which were the by-products of a feminine technology.

Now Wonder Woman, or Diana Prince, became a mere mortal who tried to outdress reporter Brenda Starr and took orders from a mysterious mastermind named "I Ching." Diana still had adventures, but in them she used karate instead of superhuman powers. And she remained an easy prey for any attractive man, including the ever-present Capt. Steve Trevor.

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