Biography of Famous Popular Singers Frank Sinatra Part 1

About the famous popular singer Frank Sinatra, history and biography of ol' Blue Eyes.

Frank Sinatra (1915- ). Francis Albert Sinatra of Hoboken, N.J., was perhaps the 1st successful example of the hype. A press agent, the late George Evans, "permitted" his public to discover him.

But Frankie, as his swooning fans called him (and Evans paid them to swoon as part of the package), had many riffs under his tonsils before he caused his 1st traffic jam at New York's Paramount Theater in the early '40s.

While in high school he worked on a newspaper delivery truck and had a brief transfusion of printer's ink in his veins: He got a job as a copyboy, preparatory to becoming a reporter on the Hudson Observer. But after graduation from David E. Rue, Jr., High School, the skinny kid found out about Bing Crosby's success. Frank had experience: He'd sung in the glee club at school.

He organized, booked, and sang in a quartet, the Hoboken Four. They auditioned for Major Bowes' Amateur Hour radio show. The group didn't make it, but Frank did, with his rendition of "Night and Day."

He did a Bowes vaudeville tour, and then became a singing M.C. and headwaiter at the Rustic Cabin roadhouse in Alpine, N.J. In those days, a "radio line" out of a supper club was almost more important than receiving a salary, because it meant exposure to millions of radio listeners. Sinatra was definitely heard--by band leader Harry James, who hired him as his vocalist in 1939 the same year Frank married Nancy Barbato.

It was at a one-nighter that a newsman asked James: "Who's that skinny little singer? He sings a great song." James replied: "Not so loud. He considers himself the greatest vocalist in the business."

He was then, and many think he is still. His last recording with the James band, "All or Nothing at All" became an all-time best seller, and remains one of the finest examples of the Sinatra intimate one-to-one style. He left James to go with Tommy Dorsey's band. Of that period, Sinatra has said: "He taught me all I know about phrasing." He recorded with the Pied Pipers, and finally became a soloist.

He was featured vocalist on Your Hit Parade and then became the star of his own CBS radio show, Songs by Sinatra. (A little girl out of Nashville was making a name for herself at the same time: Dinah Shore. The 2 still reminisce about the good old days.)

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