Biography of Famous Rock Star Buddy Holly Part 2

About the famous singer Buddy Holly history and biography of the rock n' roll star.

Buddy Holly (1936-1959).

Overall, this prolific, creative output lasted less than 2 years. In late 1958 Holly married Maria Elena Santiago and settled in Greenwich Village, severing his ties with The Crickets. Then, on February 3, 1959, while on tour, he and two other singers were killed in a plane crash near Mason City, Ia., after a concert. Buddy Holly was dead at 22.

Numerous posthumous albums have revealed the full range of his music. One album contains his last experimental tapes, made in New York. Others show the influences that shaped his style: tapes of old hillbilly music, his renditions of black music, and his early attempts to copy Elvis Presley. The full development of rock, from its country-and-blues origins to an integrated musical style, can be traced more clearly in the music of Buddy Holly than in any other artist, before or since. His influence rivals that of any other rock singer except for Chuck Berry. Hardly a group today does not owe part of its style to him.

The Beatles (who took their sound and entomological name from The Crickets), The Rolling Stones, The Hollies (who named themselves after Holly), Eric Clapton, Tom Rush, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Joe Cocker, The Everly Brothers, and countless other artists have done renditions of his music. Bob Dylan, an early Holly enthusiast, copied Holly's early Decca sound and made it his own, as a hearing of Holly's 1956 "Midnight Shift" will attest.

Don McLean, who has recorded at least 2 Holly numbers and eulogized him in a poignant ballad called "American Pie," told an interviewer that Holly "had a sense of rhythm which was intrinsically his own, un-copyable, and which happened to mirror the life rhythm of a whole generation." Janis Joplin was even more succinct when, shortly before her own death, she said, "Buddy Holly had soul. He'll never die."

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