Biography of Famous Scientist Immanuel Velikovsky Part 2

About the famous scientist Immanuel Velikovsky, biography and history of the Biblical scientist.


Who is Immanuel Velikovsky? What had he done to provoke such an unacademic up-roar in the scientific community? What had his book proposed that they found, and continue to find, so threatening?

Born in Vitebsk, Russia, in 1895, of Jewish parents, Velikovsky 1st studied in Moscow, where he graduated with full honors from Medvednikov Gymnasium. From there he studied briefly in France, traveled in Palestine, and began the study of natural science in Edinburgh, Scotland. His premedical schooling abroad was interrupted by the outbreak of W.W. I, so Velikovsky returned to Moscow. There he studied law and ancient history at the Free University and continued his medical studies at the University of Moscow. He received his medical diploma in 1921.

He spent the next few years in Berlin, where he co-founded Scripta Universitatis, a series of volumes containing major works by Jewish scholars of all nations, which was to become the cornerstone of the University of Jerusalem. In Berlin, he married violinist Elisha Kramer, and together they moved to Palestine, where for 15 years he practiced medicine and, after a period of psychiatric training in Vienna, psychoanalysis. Among Velikovsky's early contributions was a paper on the existence of pathological brain-wave patterns as being characteristic of epileptics.

In 1939, he interrupted his practice to travel to America, his intention being to prepare an analysis of the dreams of Sigmund Freud through the comparison of 3 historical person-ages who figured prominently in Freud's writings: Moses, Oedipus, and Akhenaten. It was in the course of these investigations that Velikovsky stumbled across the 1st shreds of evidence that would eventually lead him to a reappraisal and redirection of his life's energies.

Researching the biblical story of Moses, Velikovsky saw in the narrative a tale of tremendous power, of change and transformation on a huge scale. What in the events described in the Book of Exodus had actually taken place? Would they not have left their mark on other, diverse cultural histories? Inspired by this line of thought, he began to look further into the accumulated historical records of many of the world's peoples, ancient scriptural and religious writings which modern science chooses to ignore. It is the results of his extensive research into these histories that comprise the main body of Worlds in Collision. In this book, Velikovsky describes a series of holocausts, worldwide cataclysms which befell humanity within historical times; upheavals of such horrendous proportions that they have left their clear impression in the written and oral traditions of virtually all cultures of mankind. He further asserts that these cataclysms were not of terrestrial origin but that they resulted from a near-collision between the earth and an enormous comet. This comet, he says, originally part of the planet Jupiter, continued as a threat for nearly a thousand years, when it approached very close to the planet Mars, which in turn was shifted in its orbit and itself very nearly collided with the earth. This comet--which was feared and revered by the ancients; which passed so close to the earth that its tail deposited showers of burning oil, dust, and meteorites over most of the globe; which caused vast tidal waves, earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanic activity, and an actual shifting of the earth's crust on its molten core as well as a reversal of the polarity of the globe; which altered the orbit of the earth around the sun and changed the lengths of the day, month, and year-this comet was to become, says Velikovsky, the morning star, "the newcomer" in Latin, the planet Venus.

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