Biography of Famous Scientist Immanuel Velikovsky Part 3

About the famous scientist Immanuel Velikovsky, biography and history of the Biblical scientist.


These colossal events, he continues, occurred not before the dawn of civilization, but within, archaeologically speaking, recent times. The 1st holocaust which he describes (though, he says, certainly not the 1st to befall the planet), occurred only 3,000 years ago, around 1500 B.C., at the time of Exodus in the Old Testament, Prometheus in Greek mythology, and the end of the Middle Kingdom in Egyptian history. Evidence that these occurrences were indeed of worldwide proportions is found in the records of such diverse cultures as the Mayans, Sumerians, Babylonians, Chinese, Tibetans, Eskimos, American Indians, Hindus, and Lapps. The list seems almost endless. The 2nd holocaust, caused by the near-collision with Mars, occurred in 687 B.C., when, in the Bible, it is said that "the sun stood still in the sky," while, in the records of other cultures, on the opposite side of the globe, there are descriptions of a seemingly endless night.

Velikovsky's conclusions, as presented in Worlds in Collision, were simply irreconcilable with many of the basic assumptions in science at the time of the book's publication. It reads like a novel of speculative fiction. Were it not for the extensive use of original sources (it contains more than 4,000 footnotes) one might consider it to be the elaborate concoction of a creative paranoic. But no one can read this book without being deeply moved and troubled by it. No one has seriously suggested that this monumental work was meant as a hoax, nor has anyone doubted the sincerity with which Velikovsky presents his case.

His work is full of implications: religious, cosmological, geological, archaeological, sociological, and psychological. Yet, in those areas where scientific methods could have been applied to affirm or refute his assertions directly, very little was done during the years immediately following the publication of Worlds in Collision. In 1952, Velikovsky published Ages in Chaos, his dramatic reconstruction of the social chronology of the period between the 1st cataclysm and 687 B.C. This work, by an author already discredited in the eyes of many by the adverse publicity which surrounded his 1st book, was given little notice, although many Egyptologists have said that its assertions are well-founded, and that, if supported by archaeological evidence, it would entail a complete revamping of our ideas concerning Middle Eastern chronology. In 1955, Velikovsky published Earth in Upheaval, which was devoted solely to geological and archaeological evidence supporting his theses. All of these works contain challenges to modern science, questions to be reexamined, tests to be conducted. On the results of these experiments, says Velikovsky, his conclusions may stand or fall.

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