Biography of Famous Sexual Figure and Spy Mata Hari Part 3

About the famous sexual figure Mata Hari, German spy and lady of intrigue, her biography, history, and lovers.


Mata Hari's exotic charms captivated the most sophisticated of cities and finally all of Europe. Men vied for her favors, and she always obliged--but never for less than $7,500 a night, she once bragged. Numbered among her countless lovers were Jules Cambron, chief of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, French Minister of War Messimy, the Crown Prince of Germany, Dutch Prime Minister van der Linden, the Duke of Brunswick, and Von Jagow, the Kaiser's Foreign Minister. But her favors always came high, whether she demanded cash, fabulous jewelry, or luxurious apartments on the Champs Elysees--and once her noble or millionaire lovers went broke, she abandoned them without a 2nd thought. Sex she enjoyed--so much so that she was often observed "relaxing" in Parisian brothels. But men she hated still. Except for one lover--the blinded Russian Captain Maroff, whom she pitied--men were only to be used. Mata Hari's immense vanity played a part in all this, as did her taste for the luxuries to which she'd become accustomed, but it was hatred and the cruelty it inspired that enabled her to become a spy. This cruelty was perfectly illustrated in her boast that she had killed her pony Vichena by thrusting a gold stiletto into its heart when one mission required that she leave France for a time. She couldn't bear the thought that anyone else would ride it.

Mata Hari became a German spy only because the Germans asked her 1st. She knew that her popularity as an entertainer was waning when the Germans recruited her between 1907 and 1910, and had the French made her a better offer, she almost certainly would have accepted it. Trained at the famous espionage school at Lorrach, she was given the code number H. 21, a series issued only to prewar agents. This number proved conclusively that she had been recruited before the war and did not join German intelligence later as part of a plan to deceive the Germans. During W.W.I, she performed her duties well for her employers. French intelligence suspected her activities from the beginning, even letting her join their service. But nothing could be proved at the time. It is known now that Mata Hari definitely informed the Germans of the development of the British "land ship," or tank, and that her reports on Allied plans for the offensive at Chemin des Dames prepared the Germans for that secret drive--resulting in a devastating reception that left 100,000 Allied dead and an additional 100,000 as casualties. It would require pages to list her other treacheries, the unglamorous but deadly information that her body bought. In turn, she fed the French nothing but worthless information or useless reports that were already common knowledge. No one knows the irreparable damage she did the Allied cause, since she was one spy who left no traces, but she danced for thousands, slept with hundreds, and clipped scores of Sampsons.

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