Biography of Famous Sexual Figure Keeper of the Orgone Wilhelm Reich Part 2

About the famous sexual figure Wilhelm Reich aka the Keeper or the Orgone, biography and history of the sex psychiatrist.


Wilhelm Reich

The inadequate orgasm (i.e. without spasm and brief unconsciousness) leaves surplus energy in the body that may encourage unhealthy secondary drives. Only the total orgasm releases these poisons. Reich felt that a frontal attack on the unresponsive musculature itself was the simplest way to deal with this problem and that time spent on psychoanalytic procedures designed to interpret unconscious resistances was futile. In the early 1930s he called this muscular attack "vegetotherapy."

At the same time Reich felt that wholesale social reform was in order. Suppression of the sexual impulse in children and adolescents is the major cause of neurosis and this suppression is imposed by the rigidity of the family and the establishment. Hence he set about to overthrow the authority of all social institutions that seek to repress sexual freedom. The sexual liberation of the 1960s, then, saw in Reich an early prophet.

Even before he had failed to win over the communist and other leftist groups of Europe to his views and had moved to New York where he hoped to propagate his ideas, he had taught that the muscular rigidities adopted by the child as a resistance to punishment eventually become actual physical blocks with the result that complete orgasm is impossible and disease is inevitable. This unreleased energy, however, which he at 1st believed to be unique to living organisms, he came gradually to regard as a universal "pre-atomic" energy. He called it "orgone," a word coined from "organism" and "orgasm." This orgone is actually cosmic in scope and is reflected in both the microcosm and the macrocosm. It is, in fact the force behind the very functioning of the heavenly bodies; it extends to the depths of the universe itself and does not exclude even such phenomena as flying saucers and other mysteries. Finally, Reich saw the orgone energy to be synonymous with God and to underlie all the realities and processes of existence.

By 1945 Reich, who had left New York and taken to living in eccentric isolation in Maine, was saying that orgone energy radiates from the surface of the human body--corresponding to psychic energy--but only when the body is healthy and "unblocked." Cancer and other illnesses result when the flow is checked or inhibited. With a view to correcting this situation, Reich built what he called "orgone accumulators" or "orgone boxes," large enough for a person to sit inside. These wooden and metal-lined boxes collected life-giving rays from the superabundance of orgone energy in the cosmos and directed them at the person within the box. He sold these boxes as sexual stimulators and cures for cancer.

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