Biography of Famous Tennis Player and Athlete Maurice McLoughlin

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Maurice McLoughlin

At the turn of the century, tennis was a rather soft game played politely on rich people's lawns. Maurice McLoughlin, the California Comet, changed all that. He removed the sissy label and converted the game from defensive to offensive. He took tennis from the aristocracy and, through his power and personality, gave it to the people as a spectator sport.

A Northern Californian, McLoughlin split the tennis world asunder with his new, forceful style. First he would cannonade his "American Twist" service, which curved left and bounced right, then he would follow it to the net to put away the return with a smashing drive. This tireless, dynamic approach pushed him to the top quickly.

In 1913 he took the national title for the 2nd year and helped the American Davis Cup team drop the British. In 1914, even though Australia eliminated the U.S. in the Davis Cup challenge round, McLoughlin defeated the famed Norman Brookes in straight sets, including one of the most sensational ever played, 17-15.

It was McLoughlin's slingshot service against Brookes's superior ground strokes. Brookes almost had his breakthrough at 40-0 in the 18th game, but McLoughlin bore down on his service hummer, aced 3 out of 5, then came in behind an American Twister and chopped Brookes's return for the final point.

Brookes continued gamely, but this set all but finished the match. McLoughlin won the next 2, 6-3, 6-3.

Australia still won the series, 3-2, but this one match may have done more for the game than any before it, because it made people realize that tennis could be an exciting game to watch as well as to play.

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